Oh, The Crazies. Don’t you know that you can’t use Gary Jules’s Mad World cover? Donnie Darko owns that now, and he doesn’t share. But OMG LOLS don’t you get it? The world’s gone mad! It’s perfect for the trailer!

The trailer for the remake of George Romero’s film has just hit Apple, only days after the new teaser poster. Head on over there if you want to check it out but beware that it’s one of those fantastic trailers that manages to give away
every single plot point, including quite possibly the ending, so watch
at your own discretion.

So now we can finally understand where the producers say that it’s only loosely based on the original, as here we see the crazy townsfolk turning into more appropriate, zombie-like creatures. Perhaps it’s more acceptable to kill people when they look weird?

You lookin’ at my eye?!?

It’s also a little sad to see that they’ve focused more on the crazies than the military rounding people up- the scary part of the original film wasn’t so much everyone going insane as it was the government response to it. Their presence seems much lessened here, even to the point where their obvious white suits have been replaced by more traditional and stealthy ones. It looks like they’re being more sneaky about it, although their flamethrowers still seem to work.

And I’m guessing we won’t be seeing any incest this time around. Sad times indeed!

The Crazies invade your town in February.