The US trailer for John Woo’s Red Cliff has just hit Apple’s site, head right over there to check it out.

Tony Leung! Takeshi Kaneshiro! A John Woo that’s finally stopped making shitty US films! It just looks absolutely stunning- could this really be the first good movie he’s made this decade? John Woo’s long-awaited return to China has produced the most expensive Asian film to date, and one of the most successful (it’s unseated Titanic as the highest-grossing film over there). Of course over there it was released in two parts, whereas over here we’re getting a single, 2 1/2 hour film.

But with this and The Warlords on the way from Magnet, we’re definitely going to get our fix of epic battles this fall. Red Cliff hits VOD, Xbox and Amazon on October 22nd and then opens in theaters November 20th… and you know that this is one to see in theaters.