Yesterday a low res video from the shooting of The Green Hornet appeared on Splash News, with our first real glance at the masked hero. Today, they’ve got even better material- clearer pictures of Seth Rogen in his full costumed glory, along with Jay Chou as Kato.

There are two sets, one of Rogen running with the classic green gun, and several of Rogen and Chou diving bounding through clouds of dust. The costumes still look great. The Green Hornet is just vivid enough without being ridiculous. While the details of the costumes are clearer, the shots also give a good look at the amount of physicality Rogen is bringing to the role, and it looks exciting.

Hop on over to Splash news over here and then over here to see the full resolution slideshows.

It’s fun to actually see this movie coming together and being shot, especially with such a bizarrely wonderful batch of people behind it. Gondry, Rogen, Olmos, Wilkinson, and Waltz… this thing may just be great.

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