There can be little doubt that the ubiquitous Sam Worthington is feeling the love from Empire lately as the above is his second splashy cover presentation in as many months on the magazine.  There can also be little doubt that the upcoming remake of Clash of the Titans is looking to up the grit factor from the original.  From the looks of things, don’t expect to be seeing too much in the way of flowing robes and soft lighting.  My man Perseus looks like he’s ready to dispense with Medusa’s head and just shove his sword straight up the Kraken’s cloaca.

EmpireOnline premiered the pic today and Worthington is looking fresh from either his tour of duty at Troy or that little skirmish at Thermopylae.  I also get the vibe that he’s wondering whether or not we’re entertained.  After also checking out the existing pics at IMDB, I’m hoping that we get a good mix of carnage and sorcery.  A disco laser show behind Liam Neeson might be a nice touch as well.  Titans is set for a March 29, 2010 premiere.