Now that the “Is-Rampage-or-isn’t-Rampage-starring-as-B.A?” question has been settled and filming has begun in Vancouver, we can finally get down to some solid production news on Joe Carnahan’s reworking of the ’80s leadfest.  And that starts with the first quality photos of the A-Team all together, which have appeared on various places on the net, but we caught at the Daily Mail

First impressions?  Well, from afar, they appear to be  pulling off the look pretty well.  Although if you scroll down, that snap of Bradley Cooper opposite Dirk Benedict almost makes it look like he’s portraying Murdock, rather than South African Sharlto Copley.  Not sure if that’s another production pic or some candid shot of Cooper from before.  If it is a production pic, could there be some identity switching by the Face Man afoot?  As for Neeson, I think can pull this off in his sleep, and after having my ass kicked by Taken, I’m looking forward to seeing him do it.  

Quinton Jackson is the wild card here.  Obviously he has the look to pull it off, and if you remember a certain driving incident last year involving the LAPD and a large F-350 with his mug on it, he has the attitude to pull off the role.  Sorry to see the Mohawk didn’t make it, but a hairstyle does not a character make.  Muscles, kicking much ass, getting drugged into flights and and missing targets wildly with an AK-47 is what counts. 

Jessica Biel is also on board.  But did I read that article wrong or did it say she’d be portraying an Army general pursuing the team?!  So Biel has become Decker (although Decker was a colonel, not a general on the show)?  Anyway, there’s shloads more pics over at the Daily Mail, so click the picture above and compare the new with the old.

And thanks to Brian for the tip.