If you weren’t flushed with cash enough to win the eBay auction for an Inception set visit, then you can at least grab a little taste from these on-set videos someone was lucky enough to grab.

The first clip is pretty interesting and shows that Nolan isn’t done with stunts involving big long machines on city blocks- this time it’s a train instead of an 18-Wheeler. The other two videos are brief and show rainy day shooting of some sort of gunfight and car chase. There’s nothing world shattering, but it’s clear that Inception isn’t just a small puzzle movie, but some sort of adventure with scale to it.

Expect more tidbits like this to leak out as time passes- any movie that’s shrouded in mystery gets twice the attention, whether or not there is anything spectacular to discover. I found the trailer effective enough as a teaser, but will there be a strong movie behind the big-budget weird shit?

EMBED-Inception Leaked Footage 01 – Watch more free videos

EMBED-Inception Leaked Footage 02 – Watch more free videos

EMBED-Inception Leaked Footage 03 – Watch more free videos