So here’s the thing… Tarantino is a passionate, excited guy who has spoken about more potential projects and sequels than he could ever feasibly make.

Here’s the other thing… Less than two years ago, Tarantino publicly stated at Cannes his determination to get Inglourious Basterds made within a year for the next Cannes… and then he did.

So, when Tarantino goes on an Italian talkshow, leads the host to ask about Kill Bill 3 and then declares his intent for the “Bride to fight again!” we have to pay a bit more attention to it than we did two years ago. That being said, a grain of salt as big as a Buick is necessary with any news like this.

Tarantino toes the line that he kept up when he was producing and releasing the original films, saying that he wants a ten year gap between the films. His reasons are so that he and Uma can have a break, and because he loves the character and he thinks he deserves a ten year peace…

“She deserves ten years of no fighting, ten years with her child BB. I put her through a lot in those two movies and I want her to have a nice peaceful life for ten years.”

Considering that it’s been six years since the release of the first film, it will only be a few years before we start reaching that decade gap (considering production time as well). If Tarantino is as intent on getting Kill Bill: Volume 3 (or Kill The Bride as I vaguely remember Tarantino mentioning somewhere) put together as he was Inglourious Basterds, than we just might start hearing some noise about it soon. If Tarantino is distracted by something shinier though… don’t hold your breath.

Also interesting is Tarantino eliminating the delusion of the Vega Brothers sequel to Pulp Fiction, stating that “it would never happen.” Duh. To hear him say it though, should definitely kill those Oh Don Pianos once and for all.

I’m not the strongest at jumping between translations and deciphering Italian, but those that can may find even more nuggets in the interview that I’ve embedded below.

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(Thanks to Andrea Berni for the tip!)

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