This is it! Today the Brütal Legend demo is available to everyone in the world with an Xbox 360 or PS3, and you better get downloading if you don’t want to suffer the consequences.

To celebrate the release Tim Schafer and the Double Fine Productions crew has prepared a special live Dem-O-Thon event in San Francisco that you can watch right from this very page! Head to their site or simply watch the video embedded on this page for the live broadcast at 12pm PST! They’ll be taking questions live from people at their twitter and facebook pages, and giving away prizes to boot.

Here is the tentative schedule of events-

·     Welcome to the Dem-o-thon!
·     A Message from Tim’s Swine Flu Proofed Bunker
·     Drew shows how to make Brütal VFX
·     Emily shares her 10 Least Metal Albums
·     Lee reports from the field and share’s little known facts from the world of Brütal Legend
·     Colin show’s how Eddie’s power grows in the Open World of Brutal Legend
·     Erik reveals the Depth of the World of Brütal Legend
·     Brad walks you through Multiplayer Stage Battles
·     Levi draws a Brutal Caricature of  one lucky fan while discussing Character design
·     Nathan, Pete, Anna, Dan and Jon talk about programming Brütal Legend and crunch time at Double Fine
·     Tasha and Dave take you inside white box animation
·     Steve gives an Axe Lesson
·     Forbidden Questions answered by a Special Guest