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10/01 – Kobayashi Maru means ‘All You Can Eat’ in Japanese.

Photo by Christopher Drake

No wonder the bridge was doubled in size for the reboot.

I don’t know if this is the first case of actual truth in advertising or a really sharp jab by the marketing folks. Maybe Ernie got demoted and his old job went to, of all things… a NERD. So he massages the process, gets Aimee in art to take a few extra photos on the side with the XXL costume the manufacturer accidentally sent. Maybe he tells Rita that he’ll finish up the Star Trek campaign for her while she’s in Aruba. Maybe he even tells his nerd boss that Jacob approved the campaign before his nerd ass got hired. Maybe it’s real close to the end of the fiscal quarter and they need this to be out the door by the first by hook or crook.

The result speaks for itself. Dude looks like he’s about to boldly go diarrhea from all that bean dip he had over second breakfast. Looks like he ate Sulu. Luckily the goatee keeps people from realizing he’s a little over the limit, poundwise.

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