Anything I could say about the disappointment that has been Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s career is pretty much summed up by this shit right here:

That is, of course, the poster for The Rock’s upcoming The Tooth Fairy.

However, if you still hold the idea of a new renaissance of action-hero centered thrill rides led in part by The Rock dear to your heart, you can feel a flutter of hope from the news that The Rock will again be putting foot to ass in the film Faster.

Originally a collaboration with Phil Joanou who directed The Rock-as-inspirational-coach film Gridiron Gang, the film will more likely be shot by George Tillman Jr. You probably don’t remember Tillman as the director who pissed all over Christopher Wallce’s story with the anemic Notorious.

Faster is a drama/action flick centered on a prison vet’s quest for revenge against the men who killed his brother during a caper-gone wrong ten years earlier. Assuming this gets put together in something more than DTV form, production will start in January for a 2010 release.

Source | Variety, Poster from IMPA Awards

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