Get it? Because Fock sounds like Fuck.

Six years later, Meet The Fockers will have its sequel to complete the epic comedy franchise. Once director Paul Weitz is through releasing Cirque Du Freak he will tackle the script by Meet The Parents alum John Hamburg.

Little Fockers will naturally rejoin Ben Stiller, Robert De Niro, Dustin Hoffman, Owen Wilson, Teri Polo and Barbara Streisand (assuming the whole of the previous cast returns, and a fat paycheck says they will) in a wacky comedy about wacky families doing wacky shit. Jessica Alba’s Ass has been cast as the Ass of a pharmacy representative that will pass by the male leads in slow-motion and illicit spit-takes and goofy looks. As the title suggests, there will be more fucking baby humor* (as if the success of The Hangover didn’t makes this a fait accompli already).

By this point, the Look Who’s Talking franchise was playing the animal protagonist card, so… I guess the Meet The Parents franchise has that going for it.

Source | Risky Biz Blog

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*Not baby-fucking humor, which, well…. it would be different at least.