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9/30 – HOLY FUCK.

Photo by Jeff Crosby

It’s one thing to be ignorant and retarded in the privacy of your own home. It’s another thing altogether to flaunt it. I don’t have a joke for this, and not because of the racial subject matter. Race is a blast to tell jokes about. This is the kind of thing that takes all the good work done by good people to help bash down stereotypes and pisses it all away. Whomever did this sign is a scary individual, one who probably should be made a pulpy, ruined example of. Wow.

It’s funny, Twitter and Facebook have allowed me to really get quick little bursts of truth about people who I’m peripherally associated with. People from high school, casual work friends, softball teammates, etc. It’s allowed me to see just how different some of these people I call my “friends” are from me and how some of their opinions and beliefs would normally make them people I’d hate. Judging from a perfunctory sampling, I’m ashamed to say about 15% of these people I ‘know’ would not only find this picture hilarious but also agree vehemently with its message.

It’s rare that one of the DUMB pictures so encapsulates how dangerous dumb can be.

Never mind, we just had 8 years of example.

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