Nobody but nobody elbows a head as good as Tony Jaa and that includes Ol’ Elbow Head Peterson of the Apache Nation AND Sir Pete ‘Delivers Fruitful Head Elbows’ Smallfeather, the fifth from the third row of last Mohicans. Ong Bak was a revelation and star Tony Jaa was the real deal. Still is, even though it seems we’ve been covering this movie for five years.

I had the pleasure of interviewing Mr. Jaa shortly after he did an amazing performance at halftime at an Atlanta Hawks game. He was a very down to Earth man, one who could elbow your skull faster than you can say “Julian Po”.

Ong Bak 2 is a prequel set in more ancient times and is a bloodier, more fantastical affair and will most likely feature the most usage of an elephant as a martial arts weapon since Conan the Babar.

You know you want to see Tony Jaa’s lithe form defy physics without wire work and see him cause many Thai people to suffer knuckle lacerations. All for a few of your hard-earn baht. Or in this case, FREE! That’s NO bahts. Not to be confused with RO-bahts, the only thing with heads able to handle Jaa elbow offerings.

Atlanta folks, use the link below and include your mailing address. Maybe you’ll get a pass. Maybe you’ll get an elbow to the noggin. Either way, CHUD benefits.

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