Ok, so that subject’s a joke! We haven’t gotten that far yet. What we have gotten, however, is ripped off once again by Capcom.

Today they officially announced plans to release Super Street Fighter IV, a better version of this year’s bestselling fighting game, on PS3 and 360 in Spring 2010.. It’s going to have all 25 characters from the game but add eight new ones- like T. Hawk here. (These screenshots work better if you imagine T.Hawk playing Capcom and El Fuerte playing the consumer.) Along with that the fighters will have brand new Ultra combos and the online matchmaking will be improved with “numerous additional features”

The company’s always been notorious for pumping out iteration after iteration of their titles (I think I own about 17 copies of the first Resident Evil) but in this day and age of downloadable content it’s inexcusable. It was bad enough that they sold us different costumes for the game but now they’re going to charge us once again for the same game with marginal improvements? Eff. That. Noise.

Granted, they’re claiming that it won’t be a full-priced title, but why should we need another disc at all? How much memory could eight characters take up?

This is a bullshit move, Capcom. Everyone loved the game, and you should have quit while you were ahead.