Marina Zenovich isn’t through poking at the hornet’s nest that is Roman
Polanski’s legal battle and, according to Sharon Waxman of The Wrap, is
en route to Switzerland now.

controversial documentary Wanted And Desired (you can read Devin’s
editorial on the piece here
) has introduced a new narrative to the Polanski case since its release, and has become a hot topic of debate since Polanski was taken into custody last week. Zenovich now intends to
continue the work of the doc and capture more footage while the
director is held in Switzerland.

What form this footage may
eventually take is unclear, and likely not even yet decided. Zenovich
could make a follow-up feature (if the story continues in a compelling
manner) or she could simply supplement the existing film.

It’s unlikely that any of the players in this circus will keep quiet, so look for more info as people figure it the hell out.

(Thanks to Mary Chan for the tip.)