Here’s how Fantastic Fest is cool: today I shot automatic weapons at a firing range and then engaged in a debate and a boxing match. In between I saw some movies and engaged in jury deliberations for the Horror Features category at the Festival. The director of the Best Horror Feature, The Human Centipede (First Sequence), was out there shooting guns and was at the gym watching me box. He’s a delightful, sort of quiet man named Tom Six who has made a truly perverse and sick film that I loved.

The Human Centipede (First Sequence) won both Best Horror Feature and Best Actor for Dieter Laser, who plays a mad scientist who dreams of attaching people’s digestive systems together to create a multiple organism he calls the Human Centipede. It gives new and horrible meaning to ass to mouth.

Some clips from the film have popped up on YouTube (Shock Til You Drop found them) and while they’re totally without context, they do hint at the fucked up nature of this picture. I’m going to be following the future of this film – I hope it hits American theaters – as well as the sequel that Six is already working on. In the meantime enjoy these possibly not worksafe lips.