In what is sure to either a monumental miscalculation or a bold new step in collaboration between Hollywood and major league sports, Vin Diesel has hired David Ortiz to be his new development exec at his One Race shingle.  This is simply a stunning move, considering the baseball season has yet to be decided and the Red Sox are still in the hunt for the playoffs.  Losing Ortiz at this juncture could be a devastating loss, even as the cloud of his alleged steroid use hangs in the air.  Furthermore, Ortiz’ stats as a five-time All-Star and current Red Sox single-season home run record holder (54), while impressive, don’t seem to necessarily fit in with the requirements of a development executive. 

Ortiz may be looking to bring some Major League sensibilities to several of Diesel’s pending projects.  But XXX: The Return of Xander Batting Cage could be an unexpected direction for the franchise to go into.  Also, surely there is an untested crossover market out there for say a, Fast Ball & The Furious.  And this is to say nothing, Wild Pitch Black, Hannibalk, The Iron San Francisco Giant or Saving Private Ryan’s Game?  The possibilities are literally endless.

No word yet on what the Fantasy Baseball implications will be, but -

Oh…that David Ortiz…formerly of Universal (pictured)


via Variety