Capcom is at TGS in full force, with an absolute ton of new gameplay footage from the eagerly anticipated Dead Rising 2. We’ve got five new trailers to share with you folks, four of which show off some of the strange new weapons and objects you’ll be using, and one which shows off a new gameplay mode.

In the game you play as Chuck Greene, a man trying to protect his daughter and survive in the fictional Fortune City which is full of casinos, bars and shops. While you’ll have plenty of regular weapons there’s lots of new stuff like roulette wheels, paddle-saws (two chainsaws attached to a canoe paddle) and the… drill bucket? Here are a few of the more wacky items you’ll be using.


Besides all this there’s also this bizarre Running Man-esque reality show in the game called Terror is Reality that pits people against an arena full of zombies. The host is “the flamboyant Tyrone King” (man, Capcom, way to keep those stereotypes going) and the contestants simply have to kill more zombies than the opponenets and stay alive. It looks absolutely insane- human hamster balls? Check it out.

This serves as the game’s multiplayer mode, where up to four players can compete against each other at once in the arena.

While the wacky humor helped the first game it also lost a lot of people when it got too over-the-top (clowns juggling chainsaws, anyone?) Hopefully this game can fix the tediuous parts of the first, because it looks like a blast already.