Well, sort of.

The Dreamcast classic Toy Commander was a great little game where you controlled toy vehicles and tried to stop a kid’s childhood bear from destroying all the new toys. It was cute and a helluva lot of fun, and we’ve been waiting for a worthy successor for a long time now.

Toy Soldiers, newly announced for the Xbox Live Arcade, looks like it might fit the bill. I don’t know about you guys but this new trailer brings me back to my youth, of setting up grey and tan armies and throwing rubber balls and little pieces of sponges at your friend’s troops.

It’s coming from Microsoft and Signal Studios and is being shown off at the Tokyo Game Show. It may not look like it but it’s actually a tower defense game that allows you to get much more hands on with your units- you can jump in tanks or planes or gun emplacements and take matters into your own hands, instead of just relying on your tower placement skills. So awesome, and you can bet that there’s going to be one on one multiplayer. More about the game as we hear it!