North America! The Brütal Legend demo is available for Xbox Live Gold members- get on that immediately. See the funniest opening sequence in videogamedom! Hear the amazing sounds of Children of the Grave as you carve up your first druids! Watch the blood flow and the skulls crumble! Witness the greatest menu ever!

The amazing demo has already sold a ton of people on the game but Xbox Live Silver members, PS3 owners, and the international crowd have to wait till October 1st to see what all the fuss is about.

Next Thursday Double Fine is hosting a special “Brütal Legend Dem-o-Thon” from their headquarters in San Francisco. They’ll be steaming it live and you’ll be able to see it right here! Fans will be able to interact with the team, ask questions, and see what it’s like inside the hellish dungeon we know as Double Fine Studios. Check out the promo video right here for the real reason that you should download the demo- there are severe consequences for those who don’t participate.


Get ready for Rocktober 13th. It’s going to be so fucking metal.