Nintendo has finally officially announced plans to cut the price of the Wii down 50 bucks to $199, something they should have done a long time ago. But being that they made money on every system sold and people were buying them by the truckload, can you blame them? The price drop officially starts on Sunday, September 27th.

“Wii has reached more video game players than any game system before because it attracts everyone—both men and women, and people of all ages,” said Cammie Dunaway, Nintendo of America’s executive vice president of Sales & Marketing. “Our research shows there are 50 million Americans thinking about becoming gamers, and this more affordable price point and our vast array of new software mean many of them can now make the leap and find experiences that appeal to them, whatever their tastes or level of gaming experience.“

It’s pretty obvious that the PS3 and Xbox 360 price cuts also contributed to their decision, especially since those deals have become much better looking to all smart-brained people of the world.

I’m being hard on the Wii but that’s because it hasn’t had a game worth a damn in a long time. Still, there’s some good stuff on the horizon for us beleaguered Wii owners. Metroid Prime Trilogy apparently does a great job of packaging those overrated games, and and Punch-Out and Muramasa (review coming soon) are fun enough. Dead Space Extraction hits next week, and New Super Mario Bros. is hitting November 15th, as well.

But what about you guys? Are you still playing with your Wii? When’s the last time you turned it on? Is it still even plugged in? Let us know here.