The Let the Right One In remake is gearing up to start shooting the first week of November, and according to Production Weekly it’s got about the strangest title change you can imagine.

The new name? Fish Head.

No, can’t figure it out either. It could just be the filming name, of course, but The New York Times is already listing the film with both Fish Head and Let Me In (the original title of the book) as the alternate titles. Strange indeed.

This coming on top of the rumors that Philip Seymour Hoffman is being considered for a role in the film. It does look like they might very well be bullshit but he definitely would be amazing in the role of Hakan, Eli’s helper/former Oskar. His grizzled, sweaty appearance would make for some terrifying scenes near the beginning, if they follow the original film closely. (Look, I’m a huge fan of the actor but I bumped into him a couple years ago in St. Marks and first thought he was a homeless guy.)

Anyway, more on this bizarre news as we hear it. Do yourself a favor and watch Let the Right One In before the remake hits if you haven’t, ok?