CineVegas opened up this year with a small movie called that stars Steve Buscemi. Saint John of Las Vegas. Saint John is now the proud owner of a poster that is badass for two reasons:

1) It’s a nicely designed poster


There isn’t a huge amount of info out there about Saint John, but the few who have seen it seem to dig the film. Buscemi is reported to be characteristically strong, and that is honestly enough to get my eyes on it. IndieVest sums up the story well enough:

“SAINT JOHN OF LAS VEGAS is a buddy comedy in the vein of Raising Arizona meets Sideways, that chronicles the subtle, life-changing journey of JOHN, a former Vegas blackjack player, who, as a result of circumstance and forces beyond his control, is inevitably drawn back closer and closer to Sin City.”

I understand it is a loose take on Dante’s Inferno and includes as many quirky characters as you would expect- nudists, crippled strippers*, a human torch… The vibe I get is definitely the one of post-Snatch, Elmore Leonardish comedy- a genre that seems to trickle out films on a pretty constant basis.

Keep your eyes peeled for a trailer…

Source | MovieGoods Blog, Debut on Cinematical

*I tried for 5 minutes to combine these two words into something satisfying… nada.

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