If you read my rants on a regular basis you know I love beer. But not just any beer – good beer. Well, as I sit here writing this evening I’m sipping one of my very favorites and I thought  I’d pass on a very enthusiastic recommendation.


Often debated on how to pronounce it (‘it can’t be pronounced how it looks, can it?’ I’ve heard adamant testaments to both and as wonderful as the Hoegaarden website is* I did not see it addressed there. However, whether you’re thinking about Chris Cornell pruning the leaves off of a hooker shrub or picturing Keith Moon whipping empty bottles off a posh hotel roof in Luxembourg, Hoegarden is a light, crisp and really freakin’ delicious Belgian Wheat Ale that, well quite frankly is downright dangerous. You think no one can eat just one Lay’s? One Hoegaarden, I blink and a six pack has vanished. Usually in the course of a few short hours (I don’t want to tell you how many the last one went down in or I’ll really feel like an alcoholic). Traditionally Wheat ales are spiced with Coriander and Orange peel, hence why you often see them served with orange wedges (save it for the American knock-offs – the hoe doesn’t need it) this beer is so light and refreshing that, well, I mean really. Refreshing. That’s a word that gets bandied about a lot but this, DAMN. It’s true. Sometimes I wish there was a non-alcoholic version so I could drink it any time of the day. I love the taste that much.

Now I know not everyone knows how to drink good beer (how many times I’ve seen people drinking these from bottles – UGH!!!) so here’s some tips. But don’t take it from me, I got these pouring tips from the beer’s website:

There is a specific way to pour a Hoegaarden that maximises both the aroma and the taste experience.

When pouring from the bottle, the hexagonal glass should first be
rinsed and, ideally, laid in ice to ensure it is perfectly chilled.

When ready, tilt the glass to a 45-degree angle and pour two-thirds of
the bottle. The bottle should then be swirled as this awakens the head
of the beer and enlivens the yeast that may have settled during storage.

Stand the glass in an upright position, and twist the bottle around as
you pour out the remaining beer to create a thick head of creamy foam.

Okay, so follow that I assure you that you will have a wonderful experience that will, well, maybe not last all night, but then if you drink enough of them quick enough, as beer this good inspires folks to do, neither will you. But een if debauchery ensues, you’ll love the beer.**

And that’s it. This is a short one because as you read it I am coming back from a last minute trip to Chicago for a funeral and I’ve just not got it in me right now. So go to a local specialty store, pick up a pack of Hoegaarden and toast my Aunt Joyce.


* http://www.hoegaarden.com/nl-be/home.html

** In 2009 America I better add that you should ‘enjoy responsibly’ and not drink and drive, otherwise I suppose I could get the ‘s’ word.

No, not shit.