This is one of those articles with a kinda-sorta spoiler, if you’re a purist.

Wall Street 2
has Gordon Gekko recovering from an extended prison stint, bent on repairing his relationship with his daughter, and preventing the 2008 stock market crash. This sounds stupid. Gekko also teams up with Shia Labeouf’s character to assist with his revenge against Josh Brolin because Frank Langella dies. This also sounds stupid. Don’t get me wrong, I am eager to see the film -without even a hint of irony- but the log line ain’t cutting it.

The film has been shooting in NY for two weeks and we are starting to see photos of the principles emerge. You can have a look at Shia in expensive loafers, Gordon looking positively jowlriffic, and Langella looking less like he is dead, and more like he’s taking a nap. You can scamper over to Daily Mail to see a whole batch in full res.

Here’s the thing, if Wall Street 2 doesn’t end up with Gekko stealing (or at least attempting to steal) all $700 Billion of the TARP funds, I’m going to be disappointed. We’ll have to wait till April 2010 to find out if Gekko rides back to the top on government cheese.

Source | Daily Mail (via /Film)

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