While Fango is busy gearing up for their Trilogy of Terrors Las Vegas event for next month, they’ve also managed to enlist Stephen King to write an exclusive 7,500-word article for the magazine.
Entitled “What’s Scary”, it will be published in two parts in their December and January issues. It will touch on the last ten years of genre films, from The Blair Witch Project to District 9, where he talks about his favorites and spills his thoughts about all the remakes and zombie films over the last decade.

“I’ve wanted to be a Fango contributor ever since I purchased my first issue,” King says. “For me, this is a nightmare come true.” (I hear ya, Steve! If you happen to stumble upon this month’s issue, you’ll notice an article about Dead Space: Extraction written by yours truly. Shill!)

Danse Macabre was my bible growing up, so while his last few books have been somewhat underwhelming it’s going to be great to see what the man has to say about what scares us in this day and age.

Head on over to Fango’s website for an excerpt and more info.