Dread Central has nailed down some very good news: not only is the Halloween franchise officially out of Rob Zombie’s hands, it’s in the hands of a director I like, Patrick Lussier. And that probably means he’ll be bringing along Todd Farmer to write the script, a situation I love.

Lussier and Farmer were the guys behind My Bloody Valentine 3D, a film I really enjoyed. And since Halloween 3 is going to be in 3D, they have some experience with the format; having gotten past the learning curve I bet they can have fun when given more options to play with than just a pick-axe.

The question, of course, is what the heck the film will be about. Will they reboot the series again? Will they pick up from the weird ending of Halloween 2 (which some folks saw as a dream, as the final moments inside Michael Myers’ head as he died at the end of the first film and as a spin on the ending of High Tension - it was Laurie all along! – but which doesn’t make much satisfying narrative sense no matter how you look at it)? We’ll find out soon, as the film starts shooting this fall.