If you liked the trailer for the new Michael Cera movie, Youth in Revolt, I have bad news for you: your wait for the film just got longer. The Weinstein Company has announced they’re moving the adaptation of CD Payne’s novel all the way back to January.

The question is: why? The Weinstein Company has been struggling monetarily, and it seems likely that they just don’t have the money to support the release at the end of October. The company just moved The Road back to Thanksgiving, a slot everybody thought was going to Rob Marshall’s Oscar-bait Nine; this past week they bought A Single Man, promising Tom Ford (seriously, the fashion dude directed the film) an Oscar run. Running Nine and A Single Man will be damned expensive.

The Hollywood Reporter also notes that the fourth quarter of this year is packed with movies that skew to a the same audience that Youth in Revolt is seeking. Youth is getting good notices in advance (I’ll see it in a week or two and can give you my thoughts then), so it’s unlikely that the January date is a dump.

If anything, releasing a good movie in the dregs of January could be a genius move. We already know that garbage makes money in January; can quality do the same?