Communities across America are preparing for the arrival this weekend of Love Happens, the new romcom starring Jennifer Aniston and Aaron ‘A full third of my movies are bowel-shaking disasters’ Eckhart. Schools are engaging in drills and local emergency services are at full alert as we get closer to the Friday release of this middle of the road generic September junker.

But two men are trying to save us all. Two men have stood up and are attempting to keep our families and neighborhoods safe from Love Happens. Two men are… trying to take responsibility.

For some reason Greg Crowder and Tony Freitas want to be associated with Love Happens, going so far as to say that they wrote the damnable thing and that Universal stole it from them. The duo says that they gave their script, The Truth, to Universal’s then-VP of Production in 2006. When they were going around town trying to sell the script to someone else, they were told that they had ripped off Love Happens, when they claim the opposite is true.

The duo have filed suit in federal court, and they’re asking a judge to block the release of the film. They’re also asking for all of the film’s profits, which they somehow think will be $100,000,000. LOL, guys.

via TMZ