I’ve been slacking on the movie tip and that’s not good. It’s October for god’s sake – everyone else I know is doing like I always want to do and watching horror movies galore to celebrate. I however, am not. All I’m doing is writing.

Which I’m not complaining about. I’ve had writer’s block for a while until just recently. But now its dead now and I’m feeling pretty good*, so I can relax a bit (or can I???). And this is the month for horror – for catching up on all the new horror flicks I’ve been wanting to see and re-watch all the older ones I’ve had on the shelf for years and not watched since buying (sometimes not since the first time).

So what am I gonna do about it?

I’ve gone through my shelves and chosen a handful of movies that I feel I should watch. What follow’s are the why’s and wherefore’s.

1) I kicked this ‘Event’ off with Michael Dougherty’s TRICK OR TREAT. Hot damn, this is the best Halloween movie since… well maybe ever. I loved everything about it, especially all of the little attention to the details that the filmmakers wrapped around the entire piece, giving the four stories more than just a ‘pulp fiction’ feel. I love Carpenter’s Halloween but it’s more of the perfect Slasher flick than Halloween homage. Many others come pretty damn close but T&T was just too good to be true. Dougherty approaches the Eve of All Hallows with the utmost reverence. Nice job mate, can’t wait until your next film.

2) Blood Moon. Wow. This is one my good friend Dennis showed me back about six or seven years ago. I went out and bought it immediately afterward. However, I’ve not watched it since (or at least do not remember doing so) and seeing it again the other night I was completely bowled over by just how ‘Autumnal’ this film is. October Rust paints the ground of every shot  – the woods are essentially written in as a character and Tim Curry – Jesus man, his presence commands such awe. Great take on the concept of werewolves and some strong Vaudvillian musical numbers to boot. Now if I could just get someone to make a supernatural flick with Curry and Anthony Stewart Head I’d be able to fawn and scream like a thirteen year old girl at a Miley Syrup concert.

3) Next will be Company of Wolves. I remember this one from waaaay back, the image on the cover – a wolf snout coming out of the guy’s mouth as he transforms is forever implanted on my brain, as are various indescribable images half-remembered from the episode of Siskel and Ebert when they reviewed this during its initial theatrical run (LOOOOONG time ago folks). This film, along with Dario Argento’s Suspiria stick with me as the closest things to fairy tales brought to life that I’ve seen. And after all that, ANGELA LANSBURY!!! Can’t wait.

4) The Ginger Snaps trilogy. Wow. I remember the first time I noticed Ginger Snaps on the video store wall; it looked like one of those cheesy, one-off low budget flicks that you always see at the video store but no one ever actually rents**. Then Dennis had a viewing of it for me and the sequels followed within days. # 2 is my favorite and has one of the greatest ‘From-out-of-nowhere’ endings – too bad as good as the third one is it does nothing to go forward and complete the original idea (make a fourth –  I need closure damnit!!!). Three is essentially a re-boot, but cool nonetheless.

5) Dagon. One of the best Lovecraft-inspired flicks out there. Some great mood, atmosphere and, despite the bad cg at the climax, pretty damn good. Rainy and creepy.

6) Hatchet. Read so many good things, waited for it to be released for quite some time, watched it once and liked it. But did I love it like I thought I would? I honestly don’t really remember so I’ll let you know as soon as I get to it (providing I actually do. Werewolves first, fish monsters second, slashers last).

I love Halloween. Maybe I’ll even get a chance to dress up this year. Everyone says I should go as Doc Holliday (‘I’ll be your huckleberry’) but honestly, if I get a six shooter in me hand and some whiskey in me veins there’s no telling what might happen.


* Shameless self promotion here – while I shop my most recent two novels to prospective agents I am finally re-vamping the first novel I wrote, THEE SUBTLE WAR. I’m doing it as a blog to try and ensure I actually do it. The link is here:


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** Dark Harvest? Incidentally, if anyone’s watched that please hit my forum thread and tell me about it – is it as bad as it looks? Worse? I know it can’t be better…