I’m down in Key West for the week on vacation, relaxing, eating as much seafood as I can and smoking every cigar I can find. At a full week it’s the longest vacation I’ve been on since I was a kid, and while I’m really missing Demon’s Souls (that game’s not going to beat me!) and Brutal Legend, it’s nice to get away from everything for once in my life. I even left my laptop home, and the separation anxiety should have been crippling but it’s almost freely, strangely. Course I write this on my wife’s Mini so the internet still has its hooks in me…

I did get to appease the movie geek in me on Monday, however, when we stumbled across this awesome little theater called Tropic Cinema that was playing Abbot and Costello Meet Frankenstein. Leaving the girls behind my buddy and I grabbed a few drinks (really wish more theaters in NYC served beer and wine) and got ready to experience one of the finest and campiest films from the duo. No, I don’t understand why Abbot and Costello is seen as more of a guy’s thing, because as we waited for the film to start even a dog came to see the movie. (Seriously. He slept through the whole thing though, clearly not appreciating the subtle humor of the duo)

Sadly it turned out that they didn’t have a print of the film and were just projecting the dvd- really a crushing blow- but it was still a blast. The youngest people in the theater by at least a couple of decades, it was amazing to see how well the 60 year old film held up and played to an audience.

The TV show is probably my favorite of all their work- some of their finest and most refined bits appear there- but of course their Universal monsters team-ups are probably their most well known. They never really topped Frankenstein but Invisible Man and the Killer, Boris Karloff are also some of their finest, and really led the way for all the horror-comedies to follow. Going to definitely have to have a marathon when I get back.

Anyway. The rest of the vacation will be filled with snorkling, raw bars and more cigars, but I’ll be back and posting on the site soon enough. See you guys around.