Poor AntiChrist.

Sunday The History Channel had a special on one of my favorite guys
ever, The AntiChrist. An antidocumentary on a guy who has long been the
victim of one publicity nightmare after another, one which paints him
as a less than savory character and not the nurturing, sweet gentleman
I know him to be.

Poor AntiChrist.

Additionally, no less
than three religious commercials padded the show, including one for
Bibles on DVD, some sort of counterprogramming to the antipuff piece
aired about the unjustly maligned antifellow who in my experience only
wants a fair shake and the ability to have Sunday crumpets without fear
of persecution or angry mobs with pitchforks. A simple man with simple
goals, very few of which featuring him residing over us with a scepter
in his hand and thousands of tendrils of rapey injustice perforating
our skin with viscous and vile primordial come shots of jagged

Poor AntiChrist.

Worse yet is that loonies
come out of the woodwork [antiliterally] proclaiming so-and-so to be
the reigning AntiChrist, which is not only rampant sensationalism but
also unfair to the calm and private man I’m proud to call “my buddy”.
Hitler? Not the AntiChrist. Anton LeVay? Not on his best day. George
Bush? Come on, people…

George Bush isn’t even the AntiScottBaio.

AntiChrist is of no significance to you, unless you live in Florida and
really have your fingers crossed about the Rapture. And then… he’s
still of antisignificance to you.

The AntiChrist is good people. Leave him be.

- Nick Nunziata is surprised at how good AntiChrist is at Qix.