You can keep your Telluride and Toronto. The fall festival that butters my bread is Fantastic Fest, held in Austin Texas at the amazing Alamo Drafthouse. It’s eight days of amazing genre films, amazing genre fans and amazing Austin fun, and it’s the film festival that I believe every single reader of this site should one day attend. Fuck Sundance or Cannes, Fantastic Fest will change your life.

The trailer for this year’s festival is here, and it’s really well put together and gives you a nice idea of the breadth and scope of the festival’s selections. When you’re done watching that, head here to see the trailers of each of the individual movies playing. And this year I’m sitting on the Horror Feature jury, and I can tell you this is a fucking banner year for horror films at Fantastic Fest. I don’t even know how I’m going to choose which is best – the entries are that good.