While the future of the Halo movie seems to constantly be up in the air, the quality of the many short films and commercials produced for Halo 3 is undeniable.

I somehow missed the Halo 3: ODST short when it premiered recently (attribute it to Beatlemania), but it’s a blast. Rupert Sanders, director of Halo 3‘s stunning “Believe” ads, has created yet another realistic take on the series- enjoy the full-length version!

Also, if you missed Neill Blomkamp’s shorts you can check out both parts here and here, and note how well his style segued into District 9.

As for the game, it’s set to be released next Tuesday and is looking like an improvement from Halo 3. A better story, prettier graphics, a more interesting location- and best of all, no goddamn Flood. The multiplayer is obviously going to be a big draw since the game will come with the Halo: Reach beta, but hopefully the campaign isn’t as lackluster as Halo 3. Expect a review soon!