I prefer my title, but a documentary on the Elm Street series called Never Sleep Again: The Elm Street Legacy is on the way. This isn’t the first documentary to cover Freddy, of course- there was the ton of extras included in the Nightmare Encyclopedia in the box set, but that thing was more of a nightmare to navigate than anything else.

This new film is coming your way from the creators of the decent documentary His Name was Jason: 30 Years of Friday the 13th (available on Netflix instant here), and they have already begun filming last month in LA on the old locations. Heather Langenkamp will be narrating the film and you can bet that they will grab everyone they can who was involved with this series to talk about it..
“The Nightmare series has long been regarded as the most high-brow and creative of the mega horror franchises, so our goal is to make a film that reflects those qualities,” says Co-director and editor Andrew Kasch, a man who must not dwell on most of the series. “While His Name Was Jason was campy and off-the-wall, this documentary will offer a serious chronological account of the creative process – the hardships and triumphs behind one of Hollywood’s most iconic characters. Above all else, this is not a fluff or promotional piece for the upcoming remake but rather will focus on the original series of films that began with Wes Craven’s 1984 classic.”

I’m sure they won’t mind cashing in on the remake though. It looks like they’re going to cover not only the films, but the
massive amount of merchandising that came from the series. They’re
already planning a two-disc dvd set with four hours of extras which
includes yet another documentary entitled I Am Nancy which was written, produced and directed by Langenkamp.

If all goes well Never Sleep Again will hit in Spring 2010- check out the official site for more.