I don’t usually run much Twilight news. The truth is that you guys don’t actually care and running stuff about the tweenybopper vampire films would be blatant hit whoring, pandering to the vociferous fans who trawl search engines looking for anything Team Edward or Team Jacob related. I make fun of sites that cover this stuff out of shameless attempts to get eyeballs that offer only temporary spikes in traffic.

That said, here’s the trailer for New Moon, the second film in the ‘Twilight Saga.’ I present it here because it’s sort of amazing on a number of levels. First of all, it looks great. While the footage I saw at Comic Con (Bella on the bike, mostly) had the look of a very cheap TV show (and the first film just looked mostly like shit), this trailer is cut in a way to make New Moon look huge, epic and beautiful. But it’s also cut in a way to make it look silly, stupid and insipid. It’s an incredible dichotomy and it’s actually pretty intriguing. The basic premise of this story – that Edward leaving Bella is an event more cataclysmic than any modern natural disaster – is so overwrought and ridiculous that I can’t help but be interested. And then there are the topless gay ethnic werewolves, and Michael Sheen once again humiliating himself for a paycheck. Plus it’s all directed by Chris Weitz, who I quite like.

This trailer did it’s job – I’m kind of interested in seeing New Moon, despite the fact that I know that every story beat has been revealed in this clip.