Please let Jennifer’s Body be good! I liked the script well enough – it didn’t blow me away, but I thought it worked – and I’m rooting for director Karyn Kusama to get another good film under her belt. It’d be especially nice if she got a good sized hit under there as well; I think Kusama is an interesting director whose career hasn’t exactly hit the goals it needs to hit.

But those goals are looking more and more reachable. Talking to io9 about Jennifer’s Body, Kusama revealed that she’s got a Cronenbergian body horror project in the works, one with Rachel Weisz attached.

“It definitely does fall into sort of a body horror movie that deals very, very specifically with our concept of gender,” she told the blog. She also explained how Cronenberg has influenced here. “I feel like he’s somebody who early in his career found ways to marry
concepts of horror and certainly elements of gore, but those elements
had some sort of deeper meaning, beyond the surface of the movie.”

If Jennifer’s Body opens I imagine we’ll be hearing lots more about the genderfuck body horror film, and we at CHUD can’t get enough of that stuff.