Hi Folks.

This year the SCAD Film Department has started a contest to search for bumpers for the 2009 Savannah Film Festival. I am part of a group producing one such bumper, and I’m hoping for a little help from the Chewer community.

The Bumper I helped to produce is called Life.Cinema.Now and it was written and directed by the board’s own Dr. Hall and produced by myself (we also appear in the bumper). I’m very pleased with how it turned out, and hope you enjoy it. I’ve embedded it below, or you can click on this link to see it bigger on YouTube (it was shot beautifully on REDONE, so we’d prefer the latter).

If you enjoyed it, it would be fucking rock’n’roll if you’d stroll on over to the Bumper Contest Website and find our entry (bottom of the page), and give us a rating/vote. Feel free to peruse the other entries – there are a few good ones.

Thanks everyone,
Renn B.