Bruce Campbell tells Access Hollywood that fans will get to see more of him in Spider-Man 4, and no, I’m not talking about a nude scene. The actor tells the TV show that he has ‘a major part’ in the new Spidey (and again, I’m not talking about a nude scene). He also mentions that the film is shooting in January.

So what does a major part mean for Bruce? Almost nothing, since he’s played (what I assume are) different characters in the different films. Of course it could turn out that they were all the same guy, going through career crisis, and he somehow becomes a confidant to Peter Parker. Or, and I know this is what we are all hoping, Bruce is going to be stepping up and playing a villain. He seems perfect for the role of Mysterio, a flashy, silly illusion-generating villain who wears a fishbowl on his head. Of course Mysterio couldn’t support a whole film on his own, which would probably mean there would need to be another villain, which many folks tend to hate in their superhero movies.

Slashfilm, who apparently caught this episode of Access Hollywood on television, speculates that maybe Bruce means his role is major in terms of impact and not screen time. As you’ll remember, Bruce’s small appearances in the previous films have each had major impacts on Spider-Man’s life.