Film Weekend Per Screen Total
1 Tyler Perry’s I Can Do Bad All By Myself $24,030,000 $10,656 $24,030,000
2 9 $10,856,000 $6,536 $15,264,000
3 Inglourious Basterds $6,546,000 (-43.7%) $2,036 $104,309,000
4 All About Steve $5,800,000 (-48.4%) $2,561 $21,812,000
5 The Final Destination $5,500,000 (-55.5%) $2,013 $58,258,000
6 Sorority Row $5,268,000 $1,977 $5,268,000
7 Whiteout $5,100,000 $1,858 $5,100,000
8 District 9 $3,600,000 (-49.1%) $1,406 $108,517,000
9 Julie & Julia $3,300,000 (-38.0%) $1,409 $85,360,000
10 Gamer $3,150,000 (-65.6%) $1,259 $16,120,000

This just in: A copy of Atlas Tugged by Aym Randy. But don’t tell mom.

Tyler Perry movies make money. This one did better than a lot of Perry non-starrers, though he’s an opening weekend warrior. There’s rumors of the film being better than competent, but it should top out around $50 Million. The base is the base, and Perry is not looking or needing to expand. Especially because he’s a franchise unto himself, and there’s already another film in the pike.

9 may have done a little better than expected, but the likelihood of this becoming a Coraline-styled off season hit is small. Bizarre animated films always find something of a cult because – even though it’s illegal – people in America smoke weed. Republicans and democrats alike smoke marijuana. It has no class distinctions, and it’s petty much everywhere. Whereas Oxycoton seems more of a republican drug, though that may be because Rush Limbaugh is its most famous addict. For the record, hillbilly heroin is a great name. 

Inglourious Basterds is the second Quentin Tarantino film to cross the $100 Million dollar mark, and though it’s winding down, it’s not done yet. It feels impressive, and it’s good to see him hit one out of the park. $120 is about right on this one. Maybe a little more. International should also get over $100, so this is a big winner in its way. And next weekend it will cross the $108 Pulp Fiction did, making this his biggest.

All About Steve is doing better business than expected, but – really – who gives a shit? It’s going to top out around $30-ish, which is just better than expected, but all this means is that the TV sales numbers are going to be slightly higher. If you see it, either sleep with your partner afterward, or make sure you’re getting sexual favors out of this deal. Or, if you see it by yourself, afterwards take yourself out for some ice cream and then take a bath. A nice long, hot bath. Oh yes. You know what’s coming next…. god damnit, I’ve been taking my Barry White pills again. The Final Destination is now the highest grossing title of the franchise. Guess that meas they’re going to go back for fifths. Title-wise, maybe they should call it FD: Final Destination. So silly.

Whiteout and Sorority Row didn’t even open. Getting to $5 Million apiece, $15 Million is just about the best it gets. I think it’s because no one cared. There is some sexuality/nudity in Sorority Row, which I’m guessing is why it did slightly better of the two. Though, that said, Whiteout has some nudity, but probably not from Kate Beckinsdale, so whatever. That’s not the same as naked college chicks, which – again – wasn’t much of a draw this weekend. My guess is the core demo of that was likely chasing the real thing, free from the thought that actually having sex would lead to death.

District 9 and Julie & Julia would be wrapping up if there wasn’t so much crap. Both could hang out just a bit longer in the top ten as people still want to or like to see these films. The question is if J&J has enough juice to get all the way to $100. Probably not. Gamer shit the bed last week, so it being dead on the vine is no surprise. It’ll be out of most theaters next weekend.

Next weekend also starts the Oscar season, and looks to prove if Diablo Cody can survive what looks to be the film that people will use to suggest she’s a talentless hack/whore/everything they were saying when Juno came out that proved they were a bunch of haters. The question is if that audience is big enough to make the film a hit.