You have to appreciate any game whose marketing campaign centers on the fact that it will absolutely destroy you.

Demon’s Souls was incredibly well-received in Japan, selling a ton of copies and reportedly boosting PS3 sales all by itself. The one thing that stuck out with most people, however, is how hard the game is. That’s usually not something you’ll see praised in a world where people complain about how hard great games like Ninja Gaiden are, but the difficulty is apparently never cheap and only makes the game more satisfying to beat.

This new gameplay trailer shows how the RPG works and just some of the monsters that are sure to turn you into a tiny, quivering shell of a man. It sure looks great.

All this plus three-player online co-op, and a competitive mode where you can join someone else’s game as a villain! Demon’s Souls hits North America exclusively on the PS3 on October 6th. Check the official website out for more details.