Back in March James Gunn and Rainn Wilson were twittering about a “low-rent Watchmen that they were shopping around. It was exciting to see Gunn get another crack at the superhero genre, and it’s finally come together.

Entitled Super, the film’s already got quite a cast. Rainn Wilson will play the role of Frank, a superhero without super powers called Crimson Bolt whose wife (Liv Tyler) leaves him for a drug dealer. Ellen Page will also appear as Libby, a “young sociopath” who forcefully becomes Frank’s sidekick.

Gunn states on his blogOkay, so, yes, this is a movie about superheroes.  But what it’s really about is love, violence, perseverance, and faith.  It’s not a spoof.  It’s an examination of what it means to try to be something more than human.  I think of it as The Passion for rebels, oddballs, fanboys, and freaks everywhere.  I’ve never been more excited or committed to any project in my life, and I can’t wait to share more with you all.

Very interesting. The film will be produced by Ted Hope (Adventureland, American Splendor) through his This Is That company.

Gunn, who will forever be in my heart for putting up with Troma and steering them in a brave new direction with Tromeo and Juliet, will start production this December.