Today’s weekly Playstation Network Store update brought a wealth of goodies. Along with some old PS1 classics (Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain!) and PS3 demos, it also unleashed the first demo for the upcoming PSP title Half-Minute Hero.

The game has amassed a ton of buzz based on the concept alone- it’s a game where every single level is an entire Japanese Role-playing game, played with a time limit of 30 seconds. If you missed my previous article about the game check it out here. The demo at the event is the same that’s now available, and it was fun to try to go through it again and try and complete it the best I could. In the full game there are 30 levels which get increasingly more complex.

To grab the demo just go to the PSN Store on your PSP or PS3. It’s only 9 megs, don’t pass this inventive title up!

This is the first of two demos, so hopefully the next will show off one of the other modes of play. More as we hear it!