10 is a movie that really grabs me. Even though I’m a young spud, it makes me look forward to getting older. Dudley Moore is a guy who’s having his midlife crisis, and in Blake Edwards fashion, he shows his crisis in many physical comedy gags. This flick has been a favorite of mine since around 2005. I had only seen bits of it before that, and that’s because my Dad owned the vhs. Of course like everyone else, I knew of Bo Derek’s slo mo running down the beach, but I hadn’t really seen the flick in it’s entirety.

As soon as Dudley Moore pops in the 8 Track cassette in his Rolls Royce, and Julie Andrews begins singing “He Pleases Me”, yeah my attentions been grabbed. A lot of hilarity comes out when Moore spies on his sleazy neighbor, played by the great character actor Don Calfa.

If there’s one scene I can single out it’s the scene where a pissed off Moore is spying on Calfa and a couple of girls with his telescope and he swings it around and it conks him on the side of the head and he falls. He falls down A FRIGGIN’ HILL. I’ve rewound that scene many times just to see the genius that happens. The payoff at the end of that scene is just as great.

The best thing about the entire flick is the main point. Not every girl is what you think she is. The whole time Moore has this unrealistic fantasy about Bo Derek’s character and is on the verge of destroying the great relationship that he has, because he’s 42 and not getting any younger. His scenes with Brian Dennehy’s bartender while in Mexico are high points as well. This movie is definitely highly recommended.

Foul Play is a movie that when I first saw it, I thought was a Blake Edwards flick. I didn’t know who had directed it, and I happened to catch it on cable with my friend, while we were hanging out, and we immediately see Dudley Moore whipping out a fully stocked bar and putting on a “purely educational” porn movie all for Goldie Hawn. Seeing it further, and seeing that Chevy Chase was in it, as well as Burgess Meredith, Brian Dennehy and even Don Calfa. My friend and I were laughing a lot, and we both had seen 10 (this was in 2006) so I thought it was a Blake Edwards flick, just a year before he made 10 and with most of the same cast. It turned out to be written and directed by a fellow named Colin Higgens. Foul Play has to be the best movie that Blake Edwards never made. Plus Dudley Moore is just fabulous in it and the seeds of his role as George Webber in 10 are set in here.

Rene’s song of the day: “Peaceful Easy Feeling” by The Eagles.

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