I don’t know where the Green Arrow-starring Supermax is at these days, with the DC Comics corporate restructuring, but it isn’t the only Supermax themed (or titled) script out there now. The latest Supermax has been bought by Columbia, and unlike the Green Arrow superhero movie, this one’s a horror flick.

The spec script, by FX guy Christopher Allen Nelson and actor Mitch Rouse, is about a prison for the supernatural; when a riot breaks out a guard must team up with a monstrous inmate to survive. The other Supermax has Green Arrow incarcerated in a prison for supervillains.

The reality is that the concepts aren’t that similar, but I have to believe that Justin Marks registered the title of his script with the WGA, right? Even if it changes names, the horror Supermax will go first – that film is scheduled to shoot in 2010, while the Green Arrow Supermax remains in deep, deep limbo.

via Bloody Disgusting