Twitter again breaks some news; according to the Twitter feed of The Losers artist/Judge Dredd movie concept artist Jock (that’s his recent concept art to the right), Alex Garland has come in to write the latest script for the rebooted comic adaptation.

Garland is one of those writers who used to be a real novelist and then found filmmaking money; he wrote the novel of The Beach and the less-engaging film version, which started him on a collaboration with Danny Boyle that has produced 28 Days Later and Sunshine. Garland’s obviously no stranger to science fiction (I quite liked his scifi novel The Tesseract, which The Eye‘s Oxide Pang Chung made into a movie I haven’t seen), and he’s no dummy, so maybe Dredd‘s ironic satire won’t be totally lost in this newest draft.

Hell, it can’t be any worse than the truly shitty and butchered Sylvester Stallone version from a couple of years ago.

via Empire