Thank  the lord. Nic Cage has dropped out of The Green Hornet (to which he was never actually signed, by the way), leaving director Michel Gondry to look for another villain to battle Seth Rogen.

I’m sure this is bad news for the folks who are shooting the movie right this minute as we speak, but I’m just not on the Nic Cage train. I keep hearing that Kick Ass is going to change my opinion of him, but in the meantime all I have to judge him by is his last decade of almost ceaselessly shitty work. Word from Telluride is that Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans could be unhinged magic, but it seems like Cage is only interesting when in films whose budgets are tiny. And The Green Hornet‘s budget is likely not tiny.

So who should be the villain? I don’t know if I just haven’t been following this film close enough, but I don’t even know what kind of villain Cage was going to be playing. A common criminal? A mastermind? A racketeer? An evil corporate type? I just hope that Gondry et al have no problem filling that role on short notice.

via Hollywood Reporter