Here’s a brief glimpse of The Ballad of Gay Tony‘s twitchy title character:

Tony isn’t having much luck with the mob.

It’s nice to see a GTA lead character who isn’t a wisecracking goon. Unfortunately, you won’t be playing as Anthony “Gay Tony” Prince in the game – you’ll be taking control of Luis Lopez, his drug dealing, skydiving, street brawling bodyguard. It would be great if TBOGT focused more on helping Tony run a nightclub empire and less on extracting bloody vengeance, but from the looks of the first two trailers, the upcoming expansion will be heavy on theatrical action.

The Ballad of Gay Tony hits Xbox Live on October 29th. Also arriving on the 29th is Episodes from Liberty City, Rockstar’s standalone GTA IV episode pack, which will include both Gay Tony and The Lost and Damned.