Fox needs to immediately change the name of Wall Street 2: Money Never Sleeps. The Color of Money didn’t have to be called The Hustler II: The Color of Money, so why are we stuck with this (as one of the CHUD message board posters pointed out) direct to video sounding title? Hopefully it’s just a working title.

And the film just starts working this week in New York City. As Stone prepares to shoot (and as he brings a controversial documentary about Hugo Chavez to the Venice Film Festival),  a new detail has leaked about the movie: Charlie Sheen will cameo as Bud Fox, the hero of the first film. The sequel picks up twenty years later with Michael Douglas’ Gordon Gekko taking Shia LaBeouf under his wing; the film will be set against the global economic meltdown. But what role Fox plays in the film – beyond ‘cameo’ – is unknown.

via the New York Times, thanks to Bluelouboyle for the heads up