On September 8th 1966 Star Trek premiered on NBC with the episode The Man Trap. 43 years ago the USS Enterprise began boldly going where no television show had gone before, and this summer it proved that there was more than enough dilithium crystals in the old warp nacelles to keep going for some time yet.

Early this morning (UK time) I was a guest on BBC Radio 5’s Up All Night to talk about Star Trek, and you can listen to that by clicking here. The audio is streaming, and I don’t come in until about 2:34 (that two HOURS and thirty four minutes in), so feel free to skip ahead. If I’m not interesting enough, the BBC dug up some interesting comments from Gene Roddenberry in 1968, the year that Trek‘s third and final season began. He talks about the efforts to get the show renewed, as well as some of his views on writing for television. Intriguing stuff.

And to celebrate the birthday of one of the most important shows in genre history, I’m bringing back Star Trekkin’! Yes, I know I was supposed to have finished the whole series before the new movie came out and I haven’t even finished the first season, but it’s tough sticking to a schedule when writing news, editorials, reviews and doing interviews for a site like CHUD. Rest assured that I have not given up and the latest installment – for the episode Tomorrow is Yesterday - will run today.

For those who missed out (or want to revisit) the previous Star Trekkin’s, here are links to all of them. And now, by the way, might be a good time to order the Blu Rays of the new movie (click here!), season one of the original series (click here!) and pre-order season two (click here!).

Star Trekkin’ – Intro

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